Meredith Sharing Shed: A Community with Heart

We live in a community of hidden talents and over the past eight years we’ve had the pleasure to meet these people, understand the skills they offer and experience their willingness to help each other.

What we want to do is create a space where we bring these talents together in one spot for the community to share and access more broadly.

We are activating the Meredith Interpretive Centre to the original intended use, which is for the community.

It takes time to grow a community, so we are starting with some basic building blocks which can be explored below.


Connect with a local mentor to discuss what is on your mind.

  • Select your booking category
  • Choose a mentor
  • Book a time

View our mentors and coaches here.

Providing opportunities where businesses can learn and get support to continue to operate successfully.

  • Get access to online learning units
  • Connect with coaches to brainstorm and problem solve


Creating a pool of resources that can be shared

  • Pay as you use – no overheads to weigh you down
  • Share your passion with the community

Offering activities that connect our youth with adults

  • In partnership with the Meredith Primary School, we will be delivering a new program called “Nurturing young minds for their future
  • We will build a community garden as part of this program

Activating a local vibe that creates a destination place.

We will cast our nets wider to showcase our talents.

A one-stop-shop for the latest news about what’s on in the Shire

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