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Get to know our local mentors on this page. These mentors have a range of skills and experience that they want to share with others. Make a connection and tap into their knowledge. Always great to get different perspectives.

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Chris Ardrey

What you are known for: Being hard working and pragmatic, finding solutions to problems and getting on with the job.

Industries you have worked in: Meat Processing, International Shipping and Forwarding, Internet Service Providers, eCommerce, Business Consulting, Manufacturing, Property Maintenance

What are you passionate about: Maintaining a life-work balance, having the time to enjoy life and family. Motorcycles.

Qualifications: Meat Inspector Certificate (NZMAF), Executive Certificate in Business (Monash University) and various sales/account management courses.

Chris with dogs
Linda with horses

Linda Wong

What you are known for: Listening, big picture strategic thinking, problem solving, planning and facilitation.

Industries you have worked in: Not-for-Profit/Charities, Top-tier Consulting Firms, Health, Education, Insurance, Banking, Government, Telecommunications, Retail, Manufacturing.

What are you passionate about: People, Horses and Experiential Learning.

Qualifications: Honours BA in Mathematics in Business and Information Systems, Certificate IV in Equine Assisted Learning, currently completing PhD studies at Deakin University.

Mark Valena

What you are known for: 1.An experienced executive and CEO 2. Calmness 3. Being able to communicate to and engage people no matter what role 4. Flexibility in thinking preferences (strategic , humanistic and rationale) 5. Facilitation and frameworks for strategy, culture, leadership.

Industries you have worked in: All areas of insurance (except life), auditing and consulting - as executive and as a director.

What are you passionate about: Creating work places that people want to be at.   Challenging myself and others. Anything to do with cycling.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business, Chartered Accountant.

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Roxie Bennett Mentor

Roxie Bennett

What you are known for: My networks, connecting people, giving good advice and helping.

Industries you have worked in: Media (radio), Marketing, PR, Events, Communications, Disability.

What are you passionate about: Community, marketing, seeing people be the best they can be, being authentic.

Qualifications: Adv. Dip. Business (PR), Dip. Management.

Charles Balnaves

What you are known for: Openness to others, caring for others, solving problems, analytic thinking, project leadership.

Industries you have worked in: Coal, Petroleum (Petroleum/Reservoir Engineering), Pastoral Care/Faith/Roman Catholic Priest.

What are you passionate about: Bringing God’s love to the world, sharing the joy of the Good News, helping build a fair/just/merciful society, helping provide support to local communities, understanding the underlying causes behind problems and seeking to address them.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Applied Mathematics); Bachelor of Theology (Honours); Masters of Theology.


Catherine Moolenschot

What you are known for: Ghostwriting, book writing mentoring, and as a writer myself. I wrote the biography of the founder of Jim's Mowing which got national media attention and is in bookstores around the country.

Industries you have worked in: Writing, ghostwriting, book writing mentoring. Both fiction and non-fiction.

What are you passionate about: Writing obviously! I love working on books that are fascinating and that will help readers in any area of their life, whether it be health, work, entrepreneurship, relationships, etcetera. I also love reading (no surprises there!), and am an aunty to an adorable niece who I love spending time with.

Qualifications: My 'qualifications' are a little unique. I wrote my first novel at 13, my next just after graduating from High School, I spoke at TEDxMelbourne at 17, I wrote Jim's Book at 23, and have always run my own business.

David Pagotto

What you are known for: SEO, digital marketing and solving complex business problems with out of the box strategic thinking.

Industries you have worked in: In the digital marketing space I've worked across most industries including finance, retail, legal, manufacturing, health, recruitment and nonprofit.

What are you passionate about: I'm passionate about seeing strong client results from the work we do at SIXGUN. As a client-first digital marketing agency, the primary goal is to ensure our clients see a positive ROI. Putting in the hard work and seeing the results from this keeps me passionate and driven.

Qualifications: I've been involved in digital marketing for over 10 years, including working with some of the biggest brands in Australia such as Australia Post, Ray White, Roll'd & Drake International.

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