Mentor profile – Mark Valena

Mark judges his success as a leader based on a fundamental question – “do nearly all of the organisation’s people turn up to work on almost all days really wanting to be there?” His interest is in creating a culture that maintains exceptionally high levels of engagement and alignment. He understands that such a culture will be high performance, but more important to Mark is his belief that work should be meaningful and that workplaces play an important role as a community in their own right.

With a 40 year career, Mark has largely specialised in the insurance sector as an auditor and consultant and in a variety of organisations and roles, including as a CFO, Head of Business Technology, Head of Strategy and Change, Head of People & Culture, State Manager, Head of Relationships and for the last 18 plus years as a CEO.

His key strength as a mentor is his ability to combine an understanding of theories, frameworks and tools with practical experience as a leader who understands and respects the joys and challenges of leadership and the weight of expectations of others.